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"What about your daughter? Isn’t she in her final year in college? Has she graduated yet? Oh she has? And has she got a job already? Oh so she hasn’t?"

Was supposed to write an email turning down a job offer but forgot to so the girl from the HR dept of that company (who’s been talking to me for the past few days) called me and asked if I was still interested in taking the job and I said no and explained that I forgot to write her back about it but I’m sure now she just thinks that I didn’t care to reply to her at all and I feel bad bc she’s really nice and we’d been talking quite a lot while I was interviewing for that job and ahhh

I thought What’s eating Gilbet Grape was overrated but it was actually very good.

What is so appealing about a sandwich with avocado and cheese and spinach and more cheese i mean the ingredients separately are all good but together they just don’t seem very tasty?

Whenever I open my mouth to say something I can always feel myself starting to get really annoying but only when I’ve finished talking do I realize I should have shut up.

Trying to get back into reading Junji Itou but am too scared.

I don’t even have time to cook these days auuu T_T

I like babies now.

Babies are cute.